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My name is James Doty, and I’m Tax Time’s founder. It’s been a journey to get here, beginning with earning a Bachelor’s in accounting from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) and then working as an accountant for the federal government. The last half of my federal career was as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State, serving as a management generalist in places like Russia, Austria and Canada, before settling in Charleston, South Carolina. But life happens, so I made a second home in Berlin, Germany, and decided to move Tax Time fully into the cloud.

Tax Time was born in Charleston in November 2009. It was initially meant to be my part-time pursuit of a dream to operate a business and provide bookkeeping and tax prep services, while still serving in the Foreign Service. But again, life happened, so by the following year, I was no longer in the Foreign Service and Tax Time became my full-time pursuit. As a cloud-based accounting services firm, we use tools that help us serve clients wherever they might be in the world. That said, our focus is on U.S.-based businesses and individuals who have U.S. tax obligations. We specialize in small and micro-sized professional service businesses who want to focus their time on what they do best and leave the back office work to someone else. Our experience is most useful to taxpayers living and/or working abroad, small/micro law firms, and federal government contractors.

I am an Enrolled Agent, enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, and an active member of the National Society of Accountants, National Association of Tax Professionals, National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the National Association for the Self-Employed. I have volunteered on various property association and nonprofit boards and I was the South Carolina volunteer representative on the IRS Taxpayer Advocacy Panel for 2013.

Because we were born in the lowcountry and, specifically in Charleston, we have a special interest in the startup boom happening there. Charleston’s status as Silicon Harbor is becoming more widely known across the country, so more innovative thinkers are relocating there to start their own entrepreneurial ventures. We would love to be part of your team and help you grow. Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can work together to create the best version of your business idea as possible.

We are big believers in local first, so also please get in touch if you want to join us in making our community an even better place to live and work than it already is.

Tax Time isn’t just about the numbers. We want to make business decisions that are good ones for us and our community. And we would like to help you do the same. Get in touch.

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