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Why US

We know you’ve got options.

Reason one

Like you, we have to pay taxes and file returns. We’re also a small business. We live in the same communities as you. We understand your challenges and will work with you to conquer them and succeed.

Reason two

We love what we do and want to share our passion with you. For businesses, it’s an exciting time to be in accounting because of the technological changes happening everyday. We embrace those changes and can help integrate the best into your business processes to help you grow.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

We’ll be there for you. Seriously, we will. We want to talk to you before you make those decisions that have tax consequences, before it’s time to file your tax return. We don’t just want to be your boring accountant you call when you need a report. Instead, we want to be part of your business, your partner, the friend and confidante with whom you can share your dreams and your worries. We’ll stand with you as best we can.

Our Method

We work in the cloud. Our software ecosystem includes some major names you probably know, plus some you might not. But rest assured, security of your information is priority number one. All software and third-party apps we use to process your information meet or exceed the same high security requirements placed on banks operating in the United States. The software and third-party apps we choose are meant to streamline your workflows, making the entire process more efficient.

Do you already have a system that works for you, but you need some help with the heavy lifting? Let’s talk.

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